Fee Concession & Scholarship Policy

As a policy of PIHMS the following fee concession policy is followed.

Students having 1st division in SSC or second division in FSC shall be granted 20% discount in admission fee and 10% discount in semester fee( 1st semester only).

Topper of the KPK medical faculty shall be granted 50% discount in subsequent semester.

College toppers (1-3) shall be granted 25% discount in subsequent semester.

Those students who secure 1st division in KPK medical faculty exam shall be granted 30% discount in subsequent semester.

Poorest of the poor on provision of the proper acceptable evidence shall be granted up to 15% concession in admission and 10% in semester fee. Any concession beyond this level shall be decided by the BOD.

Note:- Concession/Scholarship Policy is Only for Diploma Students